Custom-Built Chassis, Suspension, and More

Completing Your Car Restoration Projects

Your Trusted Vehicle Component Specialists

Partner with Fab 5150, your Canadian source for custom-built and resto-mod chassis and suspension parts. We specialize in building the perfect components for your cars, pickup trucks, and more.

What We Do

At Fab 5150, we want to give you the best fit and finish in the market. We cut our bracketry in-house using the latest plasma cutting and frame jig tables. Our experts also build Fab 9 differential housings.

Chassis for Chevy Pickup Trucks

We specialize in manufacturing custom chassis for the following models:

  • Chevy Pickup 1947-1954
  • Chevy Pickup 1960-1966
  • Chevy Pickup 1967-1972

Creating for Other Car Models

Our experts can also build custom chassis for other car brands, such as:

  • Mustang 1965-1970
  • Camaro 1967-1969
  • Camaro 1970-1981

Customizing Your Car Parts

We also build custom parts for your application. Reach out to us to discuss your specifications, so we can create the components suited to your needs.

Who We Are

Fab5150 in Innisfil, Ontario, is a division of the Radical Automotive Group Inc. We have been building chassis and custom parts for classic, custom, and resto-mod cars for more than 25 years.

Choose Us for Chassis Customization

Hire our experts to customize your vehicle’s chassis and other parts. For more details about our services, reach out to us today.